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In its tireless quest to provide quality journalism, the Ho-Down likes to poll the local populace with burning issues to get their feedback. This issue's question: Should Laurel be placed in a home for her own good and for the good of the general public?
I think Laurel is a very kind lady, but needs some assistance with day-to-day activities. She keeps forgetting her groceries on the counter
José Fleischman
Bagger at Laurel's Safeway
Oh, come now. She's such a nice lady. So pleasant. Has a ...ummm... unique rapport on the telephone
Joyce McKinley
Former Air Canada Customer
If I had a dime for every time she's sued the Ho-Down, I could retire myself. Unfortunately, the Ho-Down is not known for honouring their debts.
Cleveland Steamer
Lawyer for the Ho-Down
Let's put it this way: She's rented the same movie every week for two months – and not because she likes the movie...
Manny Calabango
Local video store clerk
I couldn't care less what she does now. She personally has cost this company three billion dollars and I'm glad to see her go. The further away the better
Robert Milton
CEO Air Canada
You know what? Her time has come. It's time to put this cow out to pasture
Wendy Baxter
Someone we met on the street and thought was hot