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Mark it on your calendar, Ho Down Hos. July 2nd through the 4th, Dirty Sanchez hosts the First Annual Ho Down and Extravaganza at his farm. Thanks to a recent fire, the site has been cleared and is ready for action.

Activities will include drinkin', whorin', and the first annual running of the donkeys (assuming they're still alive).

Bring your:
  • rubber boots
  • a salad
  • tent
  • good humour
  • frisbee
  • a watermelon
  • baseball glove
  • guitar
  • lawn chair
  • kite
  • banjo
  • camper
  • a bag of plums
  • baseball bat
  • juice harp
  • runners
  • dog [if he gets along w others]
  • tarp
  • fookasha [however you spell it] bread
  • sunscreen
  • cd's
  • sunflower seeds
  • chocolate covered coffee beans
  • sun glasses
  • pumpkin seeds
  • swim suit
  • book/magazine
  • hat
  • lawyer

For reservations, e-mail us or call 204.728.3864. Ask for directions when you reserve.