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Past Reader's Polls

What's your favorite hip-hop name for George W. Bush?
Who's up for a barn buildin'?
What do you think of the Canadian ban on American pigs?
Should the Americans mind their own f&%*ing business and stop raking sticks against the fences of vicious dogs?
Should the Manitoba Government be doing more to protect its elderly from surprise masturbations?
How does George look in lace?
What has been your favorite story from the Ho Down to date?
Would you like to harbour an afghan for the low, low price of $49.95?
Laurel Faye has been featured prominently in the last three issues of the Ho-Down. Is it time to find a new target--er...subject?
What do you think of the new look of Ho-Down?
Should Laurel Faye be put in "The Home"?